Comment Guidelines

I intend this to be a place for friendly conversation, so please adhere to these guidelines when posting comments.

  1. All sincere comments and questions related to the topic of the post are welcome. Off-topic comments and questions should be sent to me directly at
  2. Respect and civility are expected from and toward all participants. Comments must not attack people, even those not part of these discussions. Ideas may be challenged vigorously, but respectfully. Everyone has the right to hold and express opinions different from yours or mine, and to do so without fear of intimidation.

  3. You are welcome to simply state what you believe to be true, but it will be more persuasive if you support it with evidence or sound reasoning. This, of course, applies equally to me. (Please remind me if I neglect this!)

  4. Profanity is not allowed. Occasional instances I might just edit out. If there’s more than I feel like editing, I’ll ask the commenter to revise and repost the comment.

  5. I reserve the right to moderate any individual poster or to ban further participation. The only reason I foresee to take such actions is repeated ignoring of these guidelines. First-time commenters automatically go into moderation, just so I can confirm that they are not spammers. After I approve the first comment, subsequent comments from the same person are posted immediately.

Finally, just so you know, if you are concerned about posting your name on the web, you may leave the name field blank, in which case your comment will be attributed to “Anonymous.” You can give your first name only, your initials, or an online handle, if you want. The comment form requires that you give your e-mail address when you post a comment. That is for my use in case I need to contact you about something in your comments. I will never post your e-mail address online. Nor will I use it to spam you. I will not give or sell your e-mail address to anyone else.


Agree? Disagree? Please share your thoughts!

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